"Unprecedented ROI for Authors with KPIs”

Book Launch PR Campaign that delivers New Clients

Authoring a book & planning to launch soon?

Do you have any KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure the success of the launch?

In addition to creating awareness, visibility & spark sales, are you looking for ROI (Return on Investment) in the form of new clients/projects or to double or triple your annual revenue goals?

Then you have come to the right place!


In our experience NO book launch PR companies, publicists, or campaign managers are going to offer you measurable ROI (Return on Investment) in the form of new clients/projects.

They will commit to creating awareness, visibility & spark sales. They will commit to build an author’s platform, and/or attract new opportunities, depending on the genre. They will confirm that it can take years to develop an author platform that sees calculable ROI in sales. They will say they measure the campaign success based on the media attention and promotional exposure they secure for an author. They will say launching a book is much like starting a small business: many authors find that the long-term benefits of publicity exposure are well worth the effort… sounds familiar?

Here is what we will commit to:

  1. The possibility of making the author the “Newest bestselling author” on Amazon within 4/5 weeks of launch
  2. Meet & exceed the authors KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  3. Generate ROI (Return on Investment) in the form of actual proposals & contracts based on authors Target Audience
  4. Continue to generate ROI mentioned on #3 for the next 3 to 5 years from the date of launch.


Where Is The Possibility? Everywhere!

Hiring Unstoppable Global Consultants for Branding, Marketing, PR, and Business Development & Getting Him Out “There” – “In front Of Buyers & Decision Makers who are his Target Audience”  from the prelaunch of his book, created unprecedented results, giving Jim Morris the confidence to launch his consulting firm – JMC being a completely new brand just one month after the book lunch & as they say, the rest is history!

  1. Not only did Jim’s book end up being #1 on Amazon in the New Best Selling Author category in two weeks
  2. Three months since launching his Consulting company JMC, Jim is busy hiring subcontractors to support him deliver overwhelming sales qualified fortune ranking leads and projects due to “unstoppable” influx of inquiries thanks to Unprecedented ROI for Authors with KPIs” (Book Launch PR Program)
  3. Jim delivered two webinars to Fortune Ranking Companies which were promoted by UGC (Unstoppable Global Consultants) & within 3 weeks he had more than 50 Corporate Decision Makers register into his events
  4. Jim is now an ally at  Unstoppable Performance Alliance(UPA), and is being showcased in the Featured Thought Leader UPA is an eco-system of proven, credible, expert consultants/advisors and thought leaders in their areas who support our sister concern, Unstoppable Performance Leaders .
  5. Unstoppable Performance Leaders or ( UPL) sources Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Organization Development, People Performance related solutions, training, workshops for Fortune Ranking Companies & experts & thought leaders are the first the team reaches out to.

the Success Stories continue…

The Unstoppable Group Inc. (TUG Inc.) Definitions of MQL & SQL

The Unstoppable Group Inc. (TUG Inc.) Definitions:

Lead stages in the sales funnel:

Sales funnel is the tool used for the conversion
process from ‘market’ to ‘customer’. This is the ‘funnel’ of potential customers that
have been identified within the sales process. The following classification is used by
TUG Inc. team:

  • Market: The entire market our client is focused on.
  • Suspects: The Buyers/Decision Makers that are potential customers within the
    target market because they fulfill specific criteria.
  • Leads: marketing qualified leads to include Buyers/Decision Makers in the category of ‘suspects’ that have indicated that they could be interested in the products and services of our client.
  • Prospect: sales qualified leads are prospects in the sales funnel. These includes Buyers/Decision Makers that have shown a serious interest in the products and services of the client & have thus been handed over to the client
  • Customers: Buyers/Decision Makers with whom client finally has a customer- provider relationship through TUG Inc.’s initiative.

MQL or Marketing Qualified Lead

Marketing Qualified Leads turn into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), which then turn into customers. A Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is a lead who fit the criteria of the Target Audience specified by our client and have shown interest in buying. They are open to the idea of a sale and have taken an initial step to engage, without buying. They have made some sort of response contact action to peruse what our client has to offer. It’s a start, to finding sales-ready leads and weeding out those leads who are unlikely to commit to a sale.


SQL or Sales Qualified Leads

TUG Inc. defines Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) as prospective customers who have moved through the sales pipeline – from MQLs through a rigorous qualification process and have thereby been converted from an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to an SQL & handed over/introduced to the client who can now convert them into an active customer. It is a long way for Tug Inc. from the project start to delivering SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) to our clients & includes the following activities requiring a minimum 90day ramp up period

1. Gathering Market Intelligence
2. Content Creation
3. Marketing
4. Promoting,
5. Branding
6. Prospecting
7. Qualifying
8. Nurturing
9. Converting of MQLs to SQLs

The buying journey of the customer can happen at an early stage of the process, however it can still take a long time before they are sales qualified and interested in contact with our client. In this discovery phase, the potential customer can still be unsure. Our unique approach & qualifying questions are created to help the potential customer figure out their need. TUG Inc. client must manage their expectations by considering the time we may need for lead nurturing & relationship building with certain high value potential Buyers. To effectively convert MQLs to SQLs & before they are handed over to client
Tug Inc. team implements the following steps:

• Confirm that MQL meets the criteria of “Target Audience” as per our client
• Confirm that MQL is leading the DE&I initiative at the organization
• Confirm that MQL has allocated necessary budget towards DE&I
• Confirm that MQL is open to external support on their DE&I journey
• Confirm that MQL is not an existing client of our client
• Confirm that MQL is the only decision maker for buying DE&I solutions
• Confirm that MQL is interested in meeting client to explore further

Once the above criteria have been satisfactorily fulfilled, TUG Inc. will then deem the MQL as SQL and connect the SQL to our client. Once TUG Inc. has handed over the SQL to the client, follow-up by client must be in place and tightly managed. Leads can cool off quickly and evaporate. With each step in the conversion process, the likelihood that a MQL becomes a SQL increases. All processes starting from the time the SQL is handed over/introduced to our client, to closing of the deal and follow-ups in between is the responsibility of our client.


Now let us talk about you!

Authoring a book & planning to launch soon?
Expand & acquire New Fortune Ranking Clients?
Get Your Book & Brand in front of Corporate America
Become an Amazon Best Seller in 3 weeks after you launch?
Double your 2023 revenue goals?
Network with hundreds of Fortune Ranking Buyers & Decision Maker?

To explore further regarding “Unprecedented ROI for Authors with KPIs” (Book Launch PR Program) please send send us an email to info@theunstoppablegroup.com


Transparency regarding BOOK SALES

We pride ourselves on transparency, so we will clarify that there is no direct correlation between our process above and book sales. We do not guarantee book sales at any level. We are up front about these realities, so that you can manage your expectations.


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