The Unstoppable Client Acquisition Blueprint

Targeting Assistance

Our selection of “suitable” target market (or markets) enables the client to use its marketing resources efficiently, resulting in cost and time efficient marketing efforts.


Niche Marketing

Through LinkedIn Outreach LinkedIn Marketing will reach 100 Top C-Suite Target Audience every week with CTA (Call to Action). Niche marketing is based on the client’s expertise and is also known as concentrated marketing.


Marketing Mix Customization

Tailor your marketing mix and captivate your target audience with UGC’s personalized approach, using effective content creation and optimization of pricing to increase close rates.



Experience personalized 1:1 support with CAB’s program, including access to dedicated account managers, live lead monitoring, and expert guidance on content creation and marketing strategies


Unlock Unlimited Growth: The Client Acquisition Blueprint Delivers Sales, Visibility, and High-Value Networks for Your Brand!

  • Set up discovery calls with SQLs (sales qualified leads) weekly, starting week 4/5 (ramp-up time)
  • Support clients to convert SQLs to clients.
  • Build unique independent new client acquisition platforms.
  • Set up CAB clients with a network of high-value C-Suite Buyers for the next 3/5 years.
  • Create visibility, awareness, and brand recognition for CAB clients’ brands.
  • Educate Buyers and Influencers on CAB clients’ brands.
  • Attract new opportunities & repeat business for CAB clients through nurturing of SQLs and relationship building with newly acquired clients.


Lead Stages in the Sales Funnel

  • Sales funnel is the tool used for the conversion process from ‘market’ to ‘customer’. This is the ‘funnel’ of potential customers that have been identified within the sales process. The following classification is used by the TUG Inc. team:

  • Market: The entire market our client is focused on.

  • Suspects: The Buyers/Decision Makers are potential customers within the target market because they fulfill specific criteria.

  • Leads: marketing qualified leads to include Buyers/Decision Makers in the category of ‘suspects’ that have indicated that they could be interested in the products and services of our client.

  • Prospect: sales qualified leads are prospects in the sales funnel. These include Buyers & Decision Makers that have shown a serious interest in the products and services of the client & have thus been handed over to the client.

  • Customers: Buyers/Decision Makers with whom the client finally has a customer-provider relationship through TUG Inc.’s initiative.


TUG Inc. Definition of SQL & MQL

TUG Inc. defines Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) as prospective customers who have moved through the sales pipeline – from MQLs through a rigorous qualification process and have thereby been converted from an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to an SQL & handed over/introduced to the client who can now convert them into an active customer. It is a long way for Tug Inc. from the project start to delivering SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) to our clients & including the following activities requiring a minimum 90-day ramp-up period.

1. Gathering Market Intelligence

2.Content Creation

3. Marketing

4. Promoting

5. Branding

6. Prospecting

7. Qualifying

8. Nurturing

9. Converting of MQLs to SQLs


The buying journey of the customer can happen at an early stage of the process- however, it can still take a long time before they are sales qualified and interested in contact with CAB client.

In this discovery phase, the potential customer can still be unsure.

Our unique approach & qualifying questions are created to help the potential customer figure out their need.

CAB client must manage their expectations by considering the time we may need for lead nurturing & relationship building with certain high value potential Buyers.


How It Works

UGC Lead Qualifying Process

To effectively convert MQLs to SQLs & before they are handed over to the client Tug Inc. team implements the following steps:


Target Audience

Confirm that MQL meets the criteria of “Target Audience” as per our client

Diversity-Driven Lead Qualification

Confirm that MQL is leading the DE&I initiative at the organization

Streamlined MQL Confirmation Process

Confirm that MQL is open to external support on their DE&I journey

Confirming Buyer

Confirm that MQL meets the criteria of “Target Audience” as per our client

Explore Interest Further

Confirm that MQL is interested in meeting client to explore further

Phases In Process Implementation