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“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.”

-Bob Hooey

Unstoppable Global Consultants (UGC) is a Sales and Marketing Consulting Firm that provides training, education, knowledge, solutions, support with and expertise in Client Acquisition, Business Development, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Customized Go to Market & Revenue Acceleration programs for owners of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Execution, implementation, advisory and educational support includes revenue acceleration and marketing/client acquisition basics like:

  • Importance of positioning,
  • Marketing mix customization,
  • Creation of a well-defined marketing plan,
  • MQL (marketing qualified lead) & SQL (sales qualified leads),
  • Defining target market, Sales channel strategy & Content creation,
  • Prospecting, Clear, and compelling articulation of offerings & Pipelining,
  • Structured follow-up with high-potential leads to keep them engaged & nurture them through the buying cycle,
  • Support with optimizing pricing and increasing close rates,
  • Development of marketing assets such as videos, articles, webinars, and podcasts.

Brand & Client Acquisition Strategy

Acquiring a new client may be as simple as getting a referral but a consistent funnel of clients, start from marketing to closing a contract. Though it sounds like a chore to many, there are creative ways to approach this & we can share unprecedented ways like influencer collaborations, education-based offerings, adding value to communities etc. which will gain you industry prominence, visibility and much more.

B2B Go-to-Market

Buyers don’t just one fine morning decide it’s time to purchase one of our offerings. We must stimulate & nurture them, and then we may convert their interest. For that we need insights but more importantly BE -Visible to them. How visible are You & Your offerings? Is referral business allowing you visibility to your target audience? We can make you visible to Decision Makers & Buyers of your services and solutions. 

Sales Management

Though a Sales Management process includes hiring a sales team, training, setting goals, developing a strategy, managing the team and the leads, evaluating it etc., effective sales management contributes to increased revenue & profitability Do you have the bandwidth or the resources for the above? Let us support you in creating a cohesive sales strategy & then execute it as well so that you can focus on what YOU do best.

Digital Marketing & Multiplatform

We support you to begin your marketing strategy by helping you understand where your target audience is, what they need from you, and what resonates with them. Then we support you with building out a Customer-Centric marketing strategy that is relevant, tailored around your target audience, maximizes effectiveness by leveraging multi-Platform synergies and cuts through the marketing messages bombarding your customers.

Values We Live By


We adhere firmly to our values; keep our commitments to others and to ourselves, are true to our principles and true to ourselves.
Authentic Communication​

We are transparent in our communication, welcome difficult conversations, and encourage others to do the same. ​

We take ownership and responsibility of, and conduct ourselves with honestly & Integrity. ​

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