get your brand out there in front of C-Suite Decision Makers

Program Intention & Goal


Our goal is to create ease and peace of mind for YOU. By delegating the auditing, analyzing, targeting, identifying, strategizing, prospecting, marketing, branding, sales, qualifying & engaging your target audience to us, YOU can focus on what you do best – creating & delivering your own services and solutions & get back to sharing your brilliance with the world

Possible Results

Being set up for the next 3/4 years with high value decision maker network in your
target audience, worth millions in proposals & contracts. 

Achieving and exceeding your annual revenue goals by 2 or 3 times.

Achieve an additional $100K to a million dollars in proposal & contract value over the
next 12/24/36 months through our affiliate Unstoppable Performance Leaders
Alliance program (eligibility criteria applies)

Program Highlights

We Provide “Effective” solutions


Outreach by UGC team to 5000 High Value Decision Makers Monthly as part of Niche marketing. We implement Niche marketing based upon your expertise, which is also known as concentrated marketing. This means that you use all your resources and skills on one niche.

Pre-Onboarding Preparation Support

Through Defining Target Market/Audience Marketing Mix Customization
Sales Channel Strategy

Promotion &Marketing Campaign Details

UGC will conduct at least 2/3 Monthly Email Campaigns to the list of Qualified C-Suite Decision Makers in the specific Industry
• UGC will purchase of 500 professional email addresses every month for Qualified C-Suite Decision Makers in this Target Market Value in $: $6000 ($500 per month x 12months)
• UGC will support you with identifying the target market. Do you want to include existing customers who are using other services? We will provide strategy to attract target audience and get them to engage with your


Our unmatched personalization program creates a self-reinforcing cycle of truly 1:1 customer experiences and value for you.

Min engagement Required – 6 months

Like a space shuttle, an efficient sales funnel campaign can take a lot of energy to get
going. However, once it builds momentum and finds its ideal messaging and
placement, it requires less energy to maintain but produces consistent, effective
results and ROI, day in and day out. Due to the time required to split test and scale
properly, it is essential to begin with basic sales funnel strategies. Our program
includes consistent and sustained direct outreach to extensive high value target
market through customized multiple messaging, webinars, open events; complimentary value adds etc. These are necessary for an effective online cohesive branding, and sales funnel to create engagement and traction resulting in contracts.

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