Promotion and Marketing Campaign Details

  • UGC will conduct Monthly Email Campaigns to the list of Qualified C-Suite Decision Makers in the specific Industry
  • UGC will purchase 500 professional email addresses every month for Qualified C-Suite Decision Makers in this Target Market Value.
  • We will support you with identifying the target market. Do you want to include existing customers who are using other services? We will provide a strategy to attract the target audience and get them to engage with your brand in some way such as visiting your LinkedIn profile, attending webinars,
    responding to an email, and more.
  • The first conversion point will be MQL which is a marketing-qualified lead. This is a human being that has in some way expressed interest in engaging with you, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy but it means they are willing to commit. It could be a Contact Us form, it could be an exploratory call, it could be they want to learn more, these can all be considered marketing qualified leads. The MQL is a qualification metric for the performance of our marketing. If this rate grows over time, it means we are doing a better job at targeting your customer base, and a better job of converting them to be interested to engage. If you have 1000 people on your email list, and every month 10-30 of them become leads, you now can measure how good you are at engaging them via email.
  • We will also implement Interest Survey Methods: This method will be used to identify new business potential. Primary research, typically in the form of surveys, identifies people who have not purchased a product or service, but had positive attitudes and exhibited some interest in making a purchase in the short term.