Too many business owners are sitting on the fence and thinking that they are not ready to ACT on what they REALLY CARE about and what really MATTERS to them. Here are 4 key lessons that led to major breakthroughs in my journey …


  1. When I have been taking the same actions that are not producing desired results, I look to see what’s working, what’s not working and what’s missing. And then I take a new action outside of my comfort zone and get a new result


  1. There is no concept of “Someday” or “One Day in the future”. What there is, is only the present; “NOW”!The time to ACT is right now. Sitting on the fence is not called Performance. Performance is to ACT and ACT Now! Without acting, I am not going anywhere.


  1. To create NEWLY, I must let go of the Past & Open Up the Space for Success and Effectiveness to show up. Often that means letting go of concerns, considerations, excuses, distractions, doubts, fears, my comfort zone, or even hiding


  1. Have an Accountability buddy, to hold me accountable to my promises and call me out; when I am not being my word


  1. What I put in, is what I will get out!



Having the right mentors has been and is even now crucial for making sure that I am not wasting my time on actions that do not move me forward!If you are feeling stuck or getting ready to make a major transition, we can help you get to where you need to go. Our 1:1, 12-Week MVP (Most Valued Person) Business Performance Accelerator is the perfect 1:1 mentorship program for you if…

  • You are looking to significantly increase your revenue, scale your business, or expand into a new market
  • You want exclusive 1:1 support
  • You need a customized business development strategy with a specific plan of action
  • You want help connecting the dots into a cohesive plan that moves the needle
  • You need outsourced support to get the things done which are below your pay grade & to manage time efficiently
  • You want a process that will connect you with at least 1000 Decision Makers, Buyers and Influencers in your target market in the next 6 months

Here’s everything that’s included…

  • An intimate private MVP Half Day meeting through Zoom with myself and my SFF (Structure for Fulfillment) team. We will spend 4 hours strategizing about your business.
  • A comprehensive intake process, so that I and my team are fully versed about your business, your specific goals, and your professional background before the MVP day even begins.
  • Your Entrepreneurial DNA assessment so that we know YOUR unique strengths and can customize our structures for fulfillment and strategies to you
  • Private 30-minute kick off call with me prior to your strategy day, where we get laser focused on your biggest opportunity for growth right now.
  • 6 private 45-minute strategy calls with me following your One on One MVP day.
  • Ten, 15 minute “POWER CALLS”with me to help your breakthrough whenever you feel stuck or need an accountability buddy or sounding board.
  • A dedicated VA (Virtual assistant) 2 hours a day x 5 days a week x 12 weeks (Value $3500 USD)
  • PLUS, the entire Fast Track Lead Generation Crash Course(Value $7500 USD)
  • PLUS, full 3 Months Decision Maker Outreach & Engagement Package(Value $15000 USD) Our most popular Lead generation package that is designed to increase your conversations with prospects through outreach to C-Suite Decision Makers in your target industries and management of the sales funnel. Plus, engagement of the captured C-suite Audience. We will work with you to create new client relationships and increase your ROI

Book a Call to explore further regarding Customization of this program*Rate for consulting service with Minki is $350 USD per hour.

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