Minki Basu

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Leading The Way In
Consulting Business For Over 20 Years

Minki is a pragmatic, engaging, extraordinary and most of all an “Unstoppable” sales and marketing leader, with over 20 years of handling and achieving B2B multi-million-dollar revenue budgets. She has a proven record of consistent profit growth in highly competitive markets through an “Anything is possible mindset” of prospecting, engaging, branding, training and closing new business and maintaining profitable relationships with small and mid to large size organizations.

Minki is a single mother of two brilliant adult well accomplished kids for more than two decades. She started her career in India in the travel industry and soon became the Regional manager for East India & Bangladesh for the Global Travel Distribution company called Amadeus. She oversaw the launch and ongoing operations in her region and recruited, trained, led and managed a team of close to 20 employees including engineers, sales, customer support and operations personnel.


Over twenty years ago, Minki’s thirst for adventure and risk-taking nature had her abandon the luxuries at her much-respected senior role in India and move to Canada. She took on the culture, tradition, the extreme weather, the loneliness of a new country, the “not knowing” how it is going to turn out. Amidst all challenges, alone with her two, young children with no financial or emotional support, friends, family or social circle made Canada her home.  She started her career once again at the bottom of the ladder as a sales assistant and swiftly moved up to a Senior Sales Management role in the Hilton group of hotels.


Minki is an ambassador for corporate involvement in community causes and receiver of nomination for Hilton’s Spirit Award. She is a lifelong Blood Donor with Canadian Blood Services.


Minki has recently started a charity called “Unstoppable Possibilities Projects” ( link for the project) and is currently involved in raising funds for 80 at risk street kids in India, who live with everyday fear of prostitution, abuse, violence and natural hazards. On effective completion of her project, Minki will have raised enough funds for an entire year of education, healthcare, food and shelter for these 80 kids through her latest project called “Reaching the Unreached”


Minki is a “Committed Listener” to High Performing Senior Executives and offers a ” Safe Space for Clearing, Completion & Creating New Possibilities”. She is a graduate of the Landmark Education Curriculum, the Introduction Leaders Program and the Course Supervisor Program; and assists there in various leadership capacities.


Landmark Education is a personal and professional growth, training and development company. Minki has declared to taking on joining the Landmark Seminar Leader Program to train as Seminar Leader for Landmark in 2019.


Her team members are regularly encouraged to do the foundation course at Landmark, called the Landmark Forum for which she offers annual scholarships to the highest performing team member. Minki believes in making difference in the world so that everyone can have what they want in their lives!

Find out more about the Unstoppable Possibilities Project – Reaching the Unreached.