Minki Basu

Home Message from our President & CEO



The past few weeks have been an unimaginably painful time in the United States with the brutal killing of George Floyd, the latest in a tragic history of violence against the Black community, and the associated civil unrest that has been taking place across the country. So many of us around the world are feeling anger, fear and deep sadness. Once again, we are confronting racial injustice in our communities and witnessing the violation of human and civil rights.

There are deep-rooted systems of racial inequality and social injustice that must be addressed – change must happen. There is no place for racism or bigotry here in the United States, or anywhere else in the world. On this, Heidrick & Struggles is united in our support of our Black colleagues, clients, families, friends and communities, who are impacted in ways that many of us will never understand.

We are committed to our employees and our clients – to listen and to offer a safe and supportive environment where we can have open and difficult conversations on racism, prejudice and bias, not just now, but on a regular basis moving forward. We will learn and do the hard work. We will open doors, create new opportunities, encourage and elevate those who too often have been overlooked, marginalized, or discriminated against in the workplace.

As a global leadership advisory firm, we are dedicated to building diverse leadership teams and organizations, and to creating inclusive cultures and workplaces – where all voices are heard, where all individuals feel safe, valued and accepted, and where all are able to thrive and achieve equitable success. We are unwavering in our commitment to develop meaningful ways to use our voice, our resources and our platform to combat racism, prejudice and discrimination in service of our purpose – to help change the world, one leadership team at a time.

Minki Basu

President & CEO, Unstoppable Global Consultants