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Ed Rankin, PhD, SPHR, PCC

Executive Coach and
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Ed Rankin


Hugh S. Todd

Marshall Goldsmith Coach

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Why have a Consulting Call with Minki?

Tina Rusnak

Professional Training & Coaching

Tina Rusnak Unlimited, LLC

I wanted to just drop a note to say how impressed I am with the work your firm has done for my little company so far. In a very short amount of time, I have had some really promising meetings as a result of the campaign. In fact, I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow with the HR director of an NBA Basketball team. That is pretty amazing. I honestly didn't see how this could work but I am now a true believer.


Principal Consultant, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Speaker, Educator


After my first conversation with Minki, I knew I wanted to work with her and her team. It was just a matter of when. Minki was sincerely interested in my business and even suggested I wait to use her service because she did not feel it would be the ideal time for my business. When I did find myself in the position to utilize her services, I was thoroughly impressed every step of the way. Minki and her team are truly consultants to my business. Within 3 sessions, we had developed a LinkedIn strategy that gets me access to thousands of ideal clients. And because of their guidance in making this process completely authentic to me, I not only have felt comfortable with this type of 'cold' marketing strategy, but my outreach has been warmly welcomed and has resulted in a surge in my business.

Van Lai-DuMone

Founder & Workshop Facilitator, Work Smart Advantage

scott sadler

“Working with Unstoppable Global Consultants has been a game changer, as we have more leads than I could have imagined in a relatively short amount of time. SadlerRose is boutique corporate training firm and we do not have a marketing department. I am happy to say we do now though with Minki and her team!”

Scott Sadler

Executive Coach – Corporate Trainer – Millennial Mentor™

Pam Ryan

When Minki offered her Committed Listener Service to me, I did not know what to expect. The call ended up being the perfect thing for the time in my personal and professional life. I was instantly at ease and could feel Minki’s genuine interest and empathy through the computer screen. We simply talked for about 30 minutes like you would with your most trusted friend. What was brilliant is that she moved me to action, made me feel confident about what was ahead, and reminded me of tools I already had. I would recommend this for anyone who just needs to get a clear head, get a shot of confidence for a big meeting or has a tough decision to make. Simple, efficient, and effective!

Pam Ryan

Executive Coaching/Leadership Development

Margot Murphy

We are early in the introduction of a new business Vitalize Your Workforce. It is a new paradigm approach to the decades-old unresolved idea of "employee lack of engagement." Out target audience is C-Suite executives –– decision makers who understand executive custody and own the budget. We have a book -- Vitalize Your Workforce - Conquering the Crisis of Employee Stagnation, proprietary survey software, etc. We started with a low list in our target audience. Hired Minki to rapidly expand this list, build connections, start building relationships, and gain clients. My business partner and I are both very pleased working with Minki, believe it is an excellent investment, and will likely continue after the initial contracted period. Minki is focused, clear with her team, a good communicator, always on time and prepared for meetings, answers questions quickly, is a good coach re: process, content, clarity of next steps, timeline. Her team is present with her and responsive to her direction clearly focused on results. Yes, I highly recommend Minki and her team. A great find and partner.

Margot Murphy

Leading Corporate Vitality Consultant and Vitalize Your Workforce Expert

Mark Kamin

Minki Basu has been acting as Director of Business Development and Marketing since July 2016. Her primary responsibilities have been lead generation and pipelining throughout the US and Canadian Corporate markets. Minki’s work ethic, her intelligence, and her capacity to generate business makes her an extremely valuable asset to any firm. Minki’s integrity, accountability and communication skills are superior to most people I run across. She is always exploring and presenting new ways of expanding the company’s reach into unchartered territory, with an intention to acquire new clients and keep them engaged. Minki adapts and customizes her service consistently to the various requirements of our numerous consultants. My partners and employees have been thrilled with the work she has been doing for them.

Mark Kamin

CEO, Mark Kamin and Associates

Marie Roberts De La Parra

With Minki’s team I was able to target a number of high profile individuals with very powerful networks. As a result, many of there individuals asked that I share my work with them. After sending PDFs of my work, there was great interest in my business. I’m so grateful that I connected with you and your fabulous team. Getting leads for my business has never been easier and more enjoyable! Thanks again!

Marie Roberts De La Parra

Life Energy Manager, Wait a Green Minute

John R Stoker

I have known Minki Basu for only a short time but working with her has been amazing. She has helped me to increase my outreach and exposure for the communication training solutions that we offer. She has demonstrated the utmost integrity and creativity in designing and implementing various client-outreach programs. Minki's support has been first-class. She always goes the extra mile and will do exactly as she says she will do, which is rare these days. I would highly recommend her for any marketing initiative that you desire to undertake. She will increase your effectiveness and your success.

John Stoker

Communication Consultant, President, DialogueWORKS, LLC

Timothy Altaffer

Minki Basu and her team at Unstoppable Global Consultants have been an asset in increasing the depth and breadth of our outreach and exposure program. In addition to her integrity, accountability and communication skills, she is a person who I have come to trust in a very short period. She is a great listener and at the same time, knows how to position herself. She offers very effective ideas and solutions and is perfectly willing to share her expertise and knowledge. Her team is accountable, attentive and focused on customer satisfaction (which I am). I recommend her for any marketing initiative.

Timothy Altaffer

Executive Coaching and Consulting EFFICAX


My work with Minki these past three months has opened more possibilities and opportunities than I dared even dream of four months ago. With gentle, purposeful, positive encouragement, she has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone regarding reaching out through social media, clarifying and setting business goals, and planning webinars and networking events.

Mariesa Dranschak

Certified Life Coach, Consciously Awesome Facilitator


Minki Basu and her wonderful marketing team are the perfect resource for any professional (or small or mid-sized organization) wanting to tap into the powerful new LinkedIn sales resources, i.e. Sales Navigator. Those resources take much time and skill to master - and may not be easy for the average professional to tackle "on the side" given the likelihood they have overly busy schedule to begin with. I watched Minki and her team double my LinkedIn contacts - in my PERFECT target audience group - in a matter of weeks. She kept me involved in her marketing decision making regarding my targeting and messaging every step of the way -- without burdening me at all with time consuming assignments. It was exciting to be part of my "own" marketing and sales operation, without having the stress of oversize or permanent marketing investments -- or assignments eating up too many hard-to-spare hours. It took just a few days for Minki to get her operation on my behalf up and running. When we had challenges or opportunities - her team was very creative in their recommendations (this was not a cookie cutter operation!).

Kirstin Lynde

Founder and Principal, Catalyze Associates, Inc

Marcea Wolf-Carter

I have been outsourcing our business development, pipelining and other sales solutions through Minki Basu and her team at Unstoppable Global Consultants since January 2016. Working with her and her team has been a rewarding experience. She has supported us in increasing our outreach and exposure of our Culture Transformation training solutions to fortune ranking Corporations. Her team has demonstrated integrity and creativity in designing and implementing various client-outreach programs. They have supported us with generating registrations during open events such as our popular Lunch and Learns. Their knowledge and attention to detail in their specific field is extensive.  

Marcea Wolf-Carter

Partner & Senior Consultant, Mark Kamin & Associates