A New Beginning

Jim was completing the last chapters of his book “Gaslights and Dog Whistles: Standing Up For Facts Over Fiction in a Fearful and Divided World” and at the same time getting ready to launch his consulting company –JMC in May 2022, after leaving a lucrative senior leadership position at a renowned consulting firm like WMFDP Global

Jim was ready to take the plunge. He had left his comfort zone, and was ready to launch his book and consulting firm.

He was ready for the journey ahead, and the challenges that would come with it.

Jim was now on a mission. He had to build his brand recognition, and create a successful launch.

He was determined to make it happen, no matter the obstacles that would come his way.

He was ready to take on the world, and prove that his ideas and vision could come to life.



Facing the Unknown


Jim was concerned about the successful prelaunch & launch of his book as he left his comfort zone and an existing platform from where he had envisioned the launch. Jim was understandably concerned about how long it may take for brand recognition to kick in as he was also launching his own consulting firm.

Jim was nervous, but he was also excited. He had no idea what the future held, but he was ready to take on the challenge.

He was determined to make his mark in the world, and prove that his ideas and vision could come to life.

He was ready to take on the world and make his dreams a reality.

Jim was ready to start his journey. He had left his comfort zone, and was ready to embark on a new adventure.



Finding Success!

Hiring Unstoppable Global Consultants for Branding, Marketing, PR, Business Development & Getting Him Out “There” – “In front Of Buyers & Decision Makers who are his Target Audience”  from the prelaunch of his book, created unprecedented results, giving Jim Morris the confidence to launch his consulting firm – JMC being a completely new brand just one month after the book lunch & as they say, the rest is history!

  1. Not only did Jim’s book end up being #1 on Amazon in the New Best Selling Author category in two weeks,
  1. Three months since launching his Consulting company JMC, Jim is busy hiring subcontractors to support him deliver overwhelming sales qualified fortune ranking leads and projects due to “unstoppable” influx of inquiries thanks to Unprecedented ROI for Authors with KPIs” (Book Launch PR Program)
  1. Jim delivered two webinars to Fortune Ranking Companies which were promoted by UGC (Unstoppable Global Consultants) & within 3 weeks he had more than 50 Corporate Decision Makers register into his events
  1. Jim is now an ally at  Unstoppable Performance Alliance(UPA), and is being showcased in the Featured Thought Leader UPA is an eco-system of proven, credible, expert consultants/advisors and thought leaders in their areas who support our sister concern, Unstoppable Performance Leaders .
  1. Unstoppable Performance Leadersor ( UPL) sources Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Organization Development, People Performance related solutions, training, workshops for Fortune Ranking Companies & experts & thought leaders are the first the team reaches out to
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