Advisory Services

  • Become crystal clear on what your offer is (and isn’t)
  • Build and learn to sell your “Offering”
  • Increase your “win rate” for proposals
  • Create better programs, products and services utilizing your unique gifts
  • Improve your client intake and discovery process
  • Create better rapport and relationship with prospects
  • Differentiate your brand

We Offer Three Different Advisory Tracks

Product Creation, Positioning and Brand Alignment

Product creation involves three interwoven activities:

1. Defining the issue or problem the product uniquely and effectively addresses
2. Creating the learning sequence, processes, models, videos, exercises and handouts you will use to help clients
achieve their learning objectives 3. Synching the product with your overall brand to create a coherent, even obvious, brand story

Discovery, Proposal Development and “The Pitch” Meeting

Guess what the #1 mistake Business Development folks make when talking to prospects?

1. Not having accurate or sufficient collateral or graphic elements to share
2. Talking too much about what your company can provide
3. Dwelling on what the client needs instead of moving into talking about what your company does soon enough

Instructional Design and Facilitation for Inclusion Learning

Designing, delivering and facilitating inclusion learning is as much of an art as a science, requiring excellent group assessment skills, great content, a learner centered approach and grounded confidence.
1. A facilitator or faculty member who has a thorough understanding of the topic who also has the confidence and depth to meet the audience where they are in terms of experience and understanding 2. An instructional design that engages the audiences’ heads, hearts, minds and bodies, thereby increasing learning retention. 3. Multi-Modal learning processes including group discussion and lecture, small group self-facilitated discussions, experiential exercises that transform viewpoints and mindsets, simulations that parallel real-life or at-work situations the learners are likely to encounter 4. Graphic and written learning supplements and handouts that illustrate important concepts and simplify understanding. 5. Summary processes that address how to apply new learning at work.

The above programs are delivered by
 Jim Morris
– Author of “Gaslights & Dog Whistles” an Amazon’s best seller

Minki Basu
– Founder of The Unstoppable Group

Jim Morris

Jim Morris has been leading and working in purpose-driven organizations his entire career. Jim now works with leaders to develop and hone their inclusion skills, helping their organizations ensure their work sticks at a systemic level. He facilitates, speaks, and writes extensively on the topic, and delivers global workshops and keynotes to corporate audiences.

Jim began his career as an educator as much to learn as to teach and earned his stripes working in experiential and adventure-based learning programs first for school-aged students and eventually for corporate leaders and teams. His perspective on leadership is grounded in first-hand experience, having held leadership roles at the Santa Fe Mountain Center, Outward Bound, Pecos River/Aon Consulting, one world learning, WMFDP |FDP Global, and Unstoppable Performance Leaders. He has been an adjunct faculty at Duke Leadership and Training Associates, The Executive Forum, and The American Leadership Forum.

Corporate Workshop for Fortune Ranking Companies from #1
Minki Basu

Minki is the owner & founder of The Unstoppable Group of Companies. An “Unstoppable” Leader with over 35 years of achieving B2B multi-million-dollar revenue budgets, Minki has an “Anything is possible!” mindset and exercises Leadership effectively as natural self-expression.

Minki started her career in India without any formal University education & quickly climbed the corporate ladder to become a Regional Manager for a multinational conglomerate, leading her team, year over year as market leaders in the industry.

In 2002 Minki’s adventurous nature had her abandon the luxuries of her much-respected senior leadership role in India & start an immigrant’s journey in the North American Corporate workforce, where she took on the culture, tradition, the extreme weather, the “Not Knowing” how it is going to turn out & amidst all challenges made Canada a success story as a single parent of two small kids

After starting all over again at the bottom of the corporate ladder, and 13 years later, she moved on from her recent promotion and a cushy job at the Hilton Group of hotels, as a nominated Senior Business Development Manager to start her own boutique firm.

The story of how ‘The Unstoppable Group” came into being, the journey, where the Group currently is and the direction that it is moving at high velocity is a real testimonial to as Minki says “Anything is possible!”

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