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Are you looking for a way to fast track your company to increased ROI and more leads?

lead generation crash course

This Course is designed for Professionals, Independent Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners who are committed to increase their own effectiveness in generating and sustaining their pipeline. Through this course you will  exceed your quarterly/annual revenue targets, produce extraordinary ROI and Fast Track to 500 targeted leads and several conversations within 30 days.

You will master the following in this 30 day course:

  • Mastery of a proven method to effectively generate and sustain leads
  • Learn to use LinkedIn for personal branding – improve profile leading to 17 times more views
  • Profound understanding of how to successfully turn profile viewers to potential clients
  • Mastering Sales Navigator to seamlessly navigate through over a hundred million of potential leads within the US alone
  • Reaching out to at least 100 qualified potential prospects a day – 700 leads a week – over 36,000 leads in a year
  • At least doubling the extent of your existing professional network
  • Learning proven messaging strategy that maximizes conversion
  • Greater freedom to reach out in a bolder, more productive manner
  • Moving from a referral to a decision maker with ease
  • Effective management of overflowing pipeline & activities
  • Mastery of a CRM and email-marketing system to sustain the momentum
  • Achieving and exceeding revenue goals
  • Minimum 3 new clients in 3 months
  • Unlimited access to account manager for 30 days after course completion
  • Support through UGC Global Partner Community Forum
  • Option to purchase month to month lead generation support on completion
  • Generate proposals worth 15K to 500K plus through implementing the training

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