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Executive C-Suite Lead Generation “30-Day Experience Package”

c-site lead generation

Our most popular package that is designed to increase your effectiveness and business performance through outreach to Decision Makers and Buyers at your Target Companies. We will work with you to create new client relationships and increase your ROI.

  • Connect and start communicating with 500 plus Targeted (C-suite or otherwise) High Value prospects based on Geographical Area/Industries/Seniority Level/Titles/Industries/Company Size
  • Receive samples of effective content and messaging that generates response and phone meetings
  • Receive feedback and support with content creation and unlimited editing for 30 days
  • Receive feedback and ongoing support to edit/update you own profile to create more traction and generate positive interest, opt ins etc.
  • Receive round the clock support and guidance on how to respond to various incoming messages, by dedicated Account Supervisors
  • Facilitate individual exchange of messages with all 500 plus targets (we do the work in the backend on your behalf)
  • Book calls on your online calendar with interested prospects
  • Create an additional 1500 targeted high value leads queued up to connect with you after the first 30 days
  • Get four 30-minute personalized zoom sessions to monitor & learn the lead generation process
  • Get daily lead alerts from Account Manager when prospects respond
  • Get weekly updates through email on progress of project
  • Get unlimited opportunity to A/B test regularly to create more traction
  • Receive an email database including every High Value Target you connect with in the 30 days, to stay engaged
  • Unlimited support and access to dedicated account supervisor
  • Get suggestions on promoting Webinars, Open events, Lunch & Learns as per your industry
  • Get support in implementing Open events and Lunch and learns etc. to all connections within the 30 days
  • Promoting any speaking engagements that you would like to offer to your LinkedIn connections

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