Effective Communication Training with C-Suite Prospects (Phone, Email, LinkedIn)


Experience Breakthroughs in Communicating effectively with your C-Suite prospects, be it in fortune ranking companies or in your preferred target market; starting from LinkedIn outreach, emails and through phone.


In this Communication Training for prospecting, you will develop an awareness of the basic structures in which you currently communicate & what is missing. This awareness of what is missing & there by having access to implement a new possibility in the way you communicate will result in breakthroughs – not mere insights or improvements, but effective results which will allow you to enroll your prospects, continue to engage them, and have them see you as a possible contribution. This will result in C-Suite prospects developing a trusting relationship with you, which will then allow them to be a “Yes” to what you have to offer.If you are struggling with…

  1. How do I start a conversation?
  2. How do I have my prospect trust me?
  3. How do I have my prospect respond to my outreach/follow up?
  4. Why are they not responding?
  5. What is missing in my message?
  6. How can I make my message more enrolling?

etc. then this program is for you! You could have a revenue goal of $50K or $500K, however effective communication is the first & only step in enrolling your prospects to listen to what you have to offer, specially in todays world full of “noise”What is included:This is a 45-hour training broken down x 15, 3 hour 1:1 Zoom calls.

1. 15 sessions x 3 hours each = $45 hours of Coaching, Consulting & Content creating with Minki on enrolling and effective sales & prospecting messaging (Email, LinkedIn & on Phone).


Value of $15,750 @the rate of $350 per hour

2. 4 weeks (40 days x 8 hours) of supervisor support with 100 outreaches, enrolling & effective messaging plus one follow up including call to action, through LinkedIn to C-Suite Decision Makers & Buyers per day


Value of $8000 USD (320 hours @ $25 per hour)

3. Complimentary 4/15minute debrief calls with Minki during the program (Applicable after large client conversations to look at the source of effectiveness / ineffectiveness)


Value at of $350

4. Complimentary 2 hours extra manual support from Supervisor after every Complimentary Debrief call with Minki

Value at of $200

Total Value of Program: $24,300USD

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