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Diversity and Inclusion at Unstoppable Global Consultants

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are not just words at Unstoppable Global Consultants. It is embedded in everything we do, from executive-level searches and culture change services to how we operate within our own firm. It’s evident in our collaborative approach, our connections to diverse leaders who can excel in senior roles in every industry, and our partnership with organizations that support progress in diversity and inclusion around the world.

In a marketplace that connects across cultures and continents, access to a diverse workforce is essential. We recognize our diversity as an employer strengthens our ability to bring a full range of perspectives to our clients. Our workforce reflects those we serve at all levels of the organization.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Principles

WE CREATE. We create a culture of inclusion where everyone is valued and respected. We create a culture that embraces differences and encourages authenticity. We create innovation by maximizing the contributions of our diverse populations. We offer services to our clients to help them do the same.

WE INVEST. We invest in the advancement, experience and success of diverse talent within our organization. We invest in leaders both internally and externally who are inclusive and empathetic and champion diversity. We invest in our communities, specifically targeting those groups who have been historically underrepresented and disadvantaged.

WE BUILD. We build talent pipelines for our clients and ourselves that intentionally target and develop diverse talent. We build diverse and inclusive teams to best represent our clients and their interests. We build innovative solutions to enhance the success of diverse individuals. We build quantifiable measures that define and track diversity statistics to create accountability.

Our Employee Resource Groups

An inclusive culture where every individual is valued, respected, and supported expands opportunities for everyone to achieve their potential. At Unstoppable Global Consultants, affinity groups for women, professionals of color, and LGBTQ are giving people a chance to share experiences, mentor, advocate, and engage internally as well as with external networks. Our regional diversity councils are charged with identifying critical issues on a local level and creating solutions tailored to each challenge and culture.

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