Attend three 90-minute Business Acceleration Sessions with our CEO, Mink Basu, via zoom. Through these three calls you will learn how to transform your current Business Operating State to one of *“Sustained Momentum”*

The core ingredients of the sessions are taken from Minki’s personal journey & business performance, from a negative (minus) balance to a quarter million dollars in gross revenue goal in less than 24 months.

Once you begin to apply the ideas and tools that are shared with you on these three 90-minute Business Performance Acceleration Sessions, you will:

* Know the operating state of your current business and how to move it to the next level with ease.
* Powerfully set yourself up with an extraordinary “Game Plan” for the next quarter!
* Create structures in your business NOW to align yourself with ACTIONS to achieve your revenue goals
* Learn how to reach Decision Makers in your target audience
* Continue to build and sustain momentum.
* Effectively transform your business to produce extraordinary results.

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