In today’s dynamic business landscape, diverse and inclusive leaders, teams and organizations are vital for success. Research demonstrates that diverse teams are better than homogenous ones in driving strong business performance. Embracing different viewpoints, experiences and backgrounds can be the key to developing more customer centricity, increasing collaboration and innovation, making better decisions, attracting and retaining top talent, and ultimately delivering bottom line results.Yet, many organizations have struggled to realize the promise of their diversity and inclusion (D&I) investments. Companies have spent time, effort and money, but most have not been able to move the needle significantly in representation or in changing mindsets and behaviors. Many organizations are asking, what’s next? How can we accelerate our D&I efforts to keep pace with today’s realities?

Our Approach

Through an approach that integrates our executive search and advisory capabilities, we work closely with senior leaders and organizations to create comprehensive D&I strategies that are grounded in data and designed to deliver significant and sustainable results.


With in-depth diagnostics, we help clients determine what the D&I focus should be over the next 2-3 years. We help clients gain data-driven insights about the progress they are making and where challenges remain. We provide solutions to the questions they are asking – How do we determine what D&I activities will have the biggest impact? Can our leaders convincingly speak to the business case for D&I? How do we measure impact?


With proven expertise, we help clients acquire and develop diverse leaders in order to create better representation across their business and in their talent pipeline. Clients also come to us when they want to establish a robust succession process that will provide them with the right mix of leaders required to continue innovating and building for the future. We help organizations tap into 100% of their internal and external talent pools – to attract, promote and develop the best talent in the marketplace.


With deep experience, we help clients create an inclusive culture that accelerates the performance of all. Our work is based on the principles of purposeful leadership, personal change, broad engagement, and systemic alignment, and gives leadership teams the skills they need to instill an inclusive culture throughout the entire organization. This approach enables clients to shift mindsets and drive new behaviors, thereby helping leaders exemplify authentic and inspirational leadership on this topic.


Our Diversity and Inclusion practice integrates our well-established Executive Search expertise with our differentiated Unstoppable Global Consultants experience, igniting our ability to help our clients develop the leaders, teams, and cultures that are needed to build diverse and inclusive organizations. See a collection of our Insights on Diversity & Inclusion.Unstoppable Global Consultants has global scale and breadth across all major commercial sectors, advising Boards and Executive Teams to change the way they find, develop and incorporate diverse leaders into their organizations. We also partner closely with our clients to help them assess and develop their leaders, teams and organizations – to accelerate their performance, shape their culture and challenge business as usual. Our firm’s heritage stands on data-driven research and proven results, and our global team ensures we maintain a sophisticated lens on our approach to diversity and inclusion.Just like your organization—we know that the best talent wins against the competition. D&I is embedded in all that we do and is reflected in our commitment to “walking the talk” and providing our clients with innovative thinking that comes from our own diverse and inclusive teams. Learn more about our commitment to D&I.

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